App Features


Measures and evaluates snoring
Gages the effect of lifestyle factors
Evaluates success of remedies
Audio Playback of your snoring

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The Research Behind the App


The research and development behind Snore Report took much time as it was important to deliver an easy to use accurate snoring app.  Developed with senior programmers and top medical professionals in sleep medicine Snore Report provides an assessment that is accurate.

Contributing Sleep MD

Dr. Robert A. Lebby. MD, FAASM, FCCP

Dr. Robert A Lebby, MD is a Board-Certified sleep MD and a technical consultant for the new iPhone biometric sleep assessment iPhone app - Snore Report. He graduated with honors from University of California, Irvine, California College of Medicine in 1989. With more than 28 years of cross specialty experiences in sleep laboratory / medicine, internal medicine and pulmonary disease, Lebby shares his extensive practice experience and expertise in sleep disorders with the Snore Report engineers to provide critical insight on how to advance and improve biometric sleep assessment.